Alorair products limited warranty

The warranty is supplied to the original buyer.
The warranty is not transferable and cannot be assigned

Alorair warranty steps

As soon as the product is delivered to you, log in and fill our warranty registration form and have it submitted to the Company. Alorair will receive and save the installation and purchasing information.

  1. If we don’t receive the warranty registration, the warranty period will begin from the day the unit left the warehouse for shipment. Ensure to record the serial number as well as the date the unit was installed. The information will be required to help you receive Return Authorization number
  2. If a customer requires warranty service, they must contact Alorair Tech support via the local technical service phone or As soon as the RA has been issued, the customer may consider bringing the unit to the repair center. The company will then arrange the shipping to a certified repair center. The unit will then be shipped to Alorair warehouse at the customer’s expense.
  3. Once the unit gets to our warehouse or repair center, we shall have it inspected and if it is established that it is an invalid warranty claim, the customer will be required to pay for all the cost associated with the repair and the shipping cost.
  4. Customers may pick the unit once it is repaired at their own shipping expense. The units will be rigorously tested before they are sent to the customer. If it becomes difficult to fix the unit yet during the warranty period, and the claim is determined to be valid, the customer will receive a new unit within the same year.
  5. Once the parts have been replaced or repaired by AlorAir, the initial warranty period will continue to run up to the end. There will be No extensions to the initial warranty period.

Additional support

We shall inspect the unit and give your inspection results free of charge within SEVENTY TWO hours.

  1. If the product is then returned before 90 days from the dates it was purchased, we will pay the shipping charges as well as the cost of returning it to you.
  2. If you return the product after the expiration of 90 days, the customer shall pay all the shipping costs.

Limited warranty

TEN YEARS from the Purchase date.
AlorAir warrants that the air mover will be free from polyethylene body defects; Alorair will repair and replace the unit body at its discretion free of charge (excluding transportation cost)

ONE YEAR from the purchase date
Alorair warrants that the unit’s parts will operate and work free of defects in workmanship or material. This will include the factory labors. Alorair will at its own discretion replace any defective parts including catering for the factory labor. This will not include the transportation cost. The limited warranty will only be applicable to the original buyer subject to the terms and conditions stated in the limited warranty file.

The customer’s responsibility

  1. The customer must take good care of the product including maintenance
  2. The owner has the sole responsibility to remove or reinstall the unit but the replacement parts will have to be sent to the customer at AlorAir expense if the unit is in the warranty period and determined to be valid.
  3. Removal and reinstallation of the unit is the responsibility of the owner.
  4. The customer may choose to have the unit fixed locally and the replacement parts will be sent to the customer at our company’s expense if the equipment is still in the warranty period and is valid.
  5. If the customer is unable to return the unit to our certified repair center, they will pay all the cost associated with the freight shipment.
  6. If it is shipped, the customer will bear the risk of loss and damage.

Sellers responsibility

The liability of the seller is limited to replacement of the parts and components that are defective and will not pay for the labor to remove or re-install any part that is defective.

Exclusions to limited warranty

Damage caused by the following may not be covered under warranty

Quick self-repair suggestions

Small problems may be fixed by you within the whole warranty period. It may not be necessary for you to return the unit to Alorair Certified repair center. Feel free to seek help from the vendor of the unit. If you are in need of any parts, the shipping cost will be borne by the Company. Maintenance video for self-repair is available at

Alorair warranty steps

  1. As soon as the customer receives the goods, they must login and fill the warranty registration form. They should then submit it to AlorAir. The company will receive the installation and purchasing information and keep it. If no warranty for registration is sent, the warranty period will begin to run as soon as the product leaves the warehouse for shipment. Ensure that you record the serial number including the date of installation. This information will be needed to help you receive the return authorization number (RA)
  2. If the customer requires warranty service, they must contact Alorair Tech support through or call the local technical service phone for the Return Authorization(RA number) As soon as the customer receives the RA the customer must bring the unit to the center for repair. Alor Air will arrange to ship the product back to the company’s website. This will be done at the customer expense if the customer is not available.
  3. Once the unit has been received at our warehouse or repair center, Alorair will have to carry out the initial inspection and if the warranty claim is found to be invalid, customers will pay for all associated costs including shipping and repairs.
  4. Customers will pay the shipping expenses when they pick the unit. The unit will then undergo rigorous testing before they send it back to your customers.
  5. If for any reason the unit cannot be fixed but it is still within the stated warranty period and the claim is valid, a new unit will be shipped to the customer the same year of warranty from the date the replacement was effected.
  6. After the repair or replacing parts of the AlorAir, the original warranty period will apply until the deadline. The original warranty period cannot be extended or reduced.

Additional support

We will carry out an inspection on the product free of charge and transmit to you the result within 72 hours.

  1. Any product returned to us 90 days from the date it was purchased, AlorAir Company will meet the cost of shipping from and to you.
  2. If the unit is returned 90 days after it was purchased. The customer will pay the shipping costs

Limited warranty – ten years from the date it was purchased.

Alorair warrants that its product (air Scrubber) will be free of defects in the polyethylene body. Alorair will replace and repair the unit body for free. (Excluding transportation cost)

One Year from the purchase date

Alorair warrants that its products parts will operate free from defects in workmanship and material. Including factory labor. The company at its discretion replace the defective parts, as well as the factory labor. However, it does not include the cost of transportation. The limited warranty is only applicable to the original buyer and will run from the date of purchase.
The warranty is subject to terms & conditions stated in the warranty file.

The customer’s responsibility

The customer must provide adequate care and maintenance.
The owner will be responsible for the removal and reinstallation of the unit.
The customer may decide to have this product fixed locally and the replacement parts may be sent to the client at the company’s (AlorAir’s ) expense as long as the product warranty period is still running and the claim is valid. If the customer can’t return the unit to a certified repair center, the costs associated with freight and shipment will be paid by the customer.
5 If the product is shipped, the customer bears the risk of damage or loss.

The seller’s responsibility

The liability of the seller is only limited to the replacement of the defective parts and will not include the cost of labor, which may include but not limited to remove and reinstall the defective part.

The limited warranty exclusions are:

The following damages are not covered under the warranty

  1. Acts of nature that include:
    • Fire
    • Flooding
    • Storm/Hurricane damage
    • Water damage
  2. Improper usage which includes but not limited to:
    • Tub/ Spa/pool applications
    • Improper voltage
    • Improper design or installation
    • Lack of sufficient care
    • Failure to adhere to instructions
    • Abuse/misuse and tampering whether accidental or intentional
  3. Damage to property
  4. Costs associated to delay and lost profit
  5. Freezing
  6. Corrosion
  7. Additional costs brought about by a change in building codes and laws
  8. Conditions beyond control
  9. Freight Charges
  10. Consumable parts that include but not limited to:
    • Valves
    • Power codes
    • CFCI
    • Filters
    • Batteries
    • Switches
  11. indirect, direct, inconsequential and collateral damages of any kind.

Expressed or implied in fact, in law, including implied warranties of fitness, for a particular purpose or merchantability.

AlorAir’s liability irrespective of the nature of the claim shall not exceed the product’s original purchase price. In case a product is replaced when it’s under warranty, the warranty will not be extended beyond the time period provided in the original warranty. The foregoing will constitute the total liability of the seller in the event of non-performance or defective performance of the service, provided by the buyer. The buyer agrees and accepts foregoing as the exclusive remedy for alleged or breached warranty.

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