What Is Mould?

Mould is part of a group of common organisms (fungi and yeast) and is virtually everywhere in your indoor and outdoor environments. Mould grows indoors in wet and moist areas that lack adequate ventilation, including walls, ceilings, tiles, and carpet. Insulation materials and wood are also susceptible. If moisture accumulates, then mould growth will occur. Different types of mould exist and have the potential to cause health problems.

What Does Mould Remediation Mean?

Mould remediation is the removal, clean up or control of mould growth within building structures. It is an intensive process that requires the use of specialised equipment and expertise, depending on the extent and nature of mould growth. You should always call mould remediation specialist, you can find them in the IICRC webpage, www.IICRC.org

How Can I Prevent Mould From Growing?

Although mould can be found almost everywhere, it needs moisture and nutrients to grow. The key to preventing growth is to reduce dampness in the building, this can be done by maintaining proper ventilation, reducing humidity, control moisture and dampness, manage rising and lateral damp. Refer to your state government’s health department for more information, or email us at info@alorair.com.au

Let’s talk about rising and lateral damp. Rising damp is ground moisture rising up brick or stone walls. Poor ventilation or moisture in the subfloor will worsen the problem, refer to our sections on Basement and SubFloor Dehumidifiers.

Recommended: Air Scrubber Clean Shield HEPA 500, SLGR 1600x and our Sentinel range of dehumidifiers.

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