Sentinel HD90

Sentinel HD90 Dehumidifier is one of the appliances that can be relied on to control humidity from the surrounding. It removes water vapor and humidity in spaces under the roof. It can also be used to control humidity in crawlspaces or any other section of the house. It is a low noise level product that can be used to supplement air conditioning systems. The unit features a unique dual airflow outlet and is an ideal solution for basement humidity problems. It is versatile and comes with features that allow it to dehumidify an estimated area of 2,600sq ft. It comes with a remote humidistat that allows it to be deployed in areas where remote sensing and controlling is required. Since it allows for optional duct mounting, it reduces installation time meaning that you can mount it in a different location and dehumidify other rooms through the connected horse. The unit is small and weighs about 35.5kg.

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