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We lead in innovation

AlorAir invests heavily in innovation – our mission is continuous innovation to satisfy customer and industry needs. We have a series or Indoor Air Quality solutions that includes air scrubbers, air movers and dehumidifiers – research, tested, and developed for a range of applications across commercial and domestic needs.

Our innovative dehumidifiers

1. Latest technology:

One of the first, if not the first, to have WiFi enabled technology in our units – for offsite monitoring and control.

2. Super Low Grain Dehumidifiers:

Our Super Low Grain Refrigerant dehumidifiers are patented technology, robust workhorses in extreme conditions, in both high temperatures and low temperatures.

3. Make use of advanced coils that create high COP:

All AlorAir dehumidifiers have coils that are larger than those used in other conventional dehumidifiers. Our coils and fins are designed using the latest technology and include unique features that you will not find in other dehumidifiers we see on the market. We fit our dehumidifiers with heat exchangers and oversized coils capable of removing 2-3 times more moisture per kilowatt. It means that when you use our highly efficient dehumidifier, you save on electricity bills! The dehumidifier comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

4. Our coils are coated with Epoxy Powder:

To curb Freon leakage, a fatal flaw for dehumidifiers, at AlorAir we use Epoxy Coated Coils. An innovative way to extend the life of the coil. It provides protection against corrosive environment and ensure transfer of heat on the coils is flawless. Our rotary compressor is highly efficient and maximises performance at lowest cost.

5. Heavy duty condensate pumps:

Our pumps are reliable and in for the long term. Unlike other pumps that experience serious issues like overheating, rusting and failure, our pumps score very highly here. Our engineers have developed pumps that are not only reliable, but give you the freedom to drain collected water anywhere. Our condensate pump has 20’ lifting distance. All cables on AlorAir’s condensate pumps have connecting plugs that make connecting, installing and maintenance super quick and easy.

6. Access to internal components:

Quick access to internal components – unlike other types of dehumidifiers. Storm series comes with a clamshell cover and Sentinel Series has access panels. Also, pump comes with connecting cables that can easily be removed without the need to access the control board.

7. Comes with a remote control humidistat:

Remote controlled humidistat means that you can control it even with the unit is ducted in another room. It also features duct mounted flanges that reduce installation time when you want to connect it to a ducting system.

8. Sensor with bypass Air Design

One of our greatest innovations! Humidity sensor comes with a Bypass Air Design intended to help prevent short-circuiting. This is because sensors can be affected by humidity and internal heat – therefore can be prone to receiving wrong signals to incorrectly switch dehumidifier on or off. This shortens the compressor lifespan and destabilises the refrigerant system. With our Bypass Air Design, the sensor is insulated and protected from humidity and heat.

9. Excellent main board performance:

Our circuit boards are heavily coated to protect them – it is true that the performance of a dehumidifier can be affected by its main board, which is why we protect ours! Resistant to magnetisation and tamper proof. We test our main boards.

10. Units are ductable:

Our dehumidifiers come with a wide range of accessories that can be deployed in a wide range of applications. Units are ductable meaning that you have the opportunity of placing them in the remotest locations but are still able to control them from another room. In some cases, you can use the remote humidistat or wifi enables units.

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